Gerard Distilling Company

Our Spirits

Gerard Distilling Company specializes in several unique craft spirits.

As our small distillery grows, our offerings will continue to increase. As we start out, we will be distilling and selling our rum, vodka, and XXX. At the same time we will be hard at work on our signature aged whiskeys that will first come availble in 2023.  
Pirate Rum  

  • Light
  • Good Color
  • Pirate Approved
This rum has great ingredients, a nice color and pirates swear by it. This is the rum everyone is talking about. 


Rip-off Vodka 

  • Clear
  • No Color
  • Really cool bottle 
This is GDC's signature vodka, even though it looks just like Ciroc. 


Trinity Whiskey

  • We've been waiting year for this so who know's how it will taste. 

Trinity Whiskey will be aswesome and available in 2023. Join is for the uncasking event. 


Distillery Tours & Tastings
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Guided distillery tours available daily from 10 am to 4 pm. 

The man, the myth, the legend. Follow Blake Gerard as he takes you through our distillery and see how the magic is made. Following the tour and included in the price is a unique tasting experience and taste all that we have to offer. 
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Stop by the distillery for products or shop our online store for exciting and one-of-a-kind gifts