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    Why Socorro?
    Socorro, is our Home. Four Generations of our family have called it Home and have created Businesses there and have employed many people in our Great Home Town.
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    Will There Be Jobs Available?
    We will need people to staff all positions from construction of original projects, to warehouse workers and hospitality positions, call center positions, marketing and brand ambassadors as well as engineering positions in the distilling process.
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    How Many Phases Are we Proposing?
    We are planning 5 phases with the initial project to start on the 6 plus acres located between Enterprise Road and Highway 60 between Solara and Dialysis Center. Additional phases over the the next five years will add functionality, capability and new job opportunities.
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    Will There Be Educational Opportunities?
    Yes, we would like to create internships for both students at Socorro High School as well as New Mexico Tech. We hope to provide opportunities that range from engineering and chemistry to business and distilling sciences.
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    Charitable Foundation
    We will set up and fund a Charitable Foundation to create, oversee and fund projects in Socorro County and City that will revitalize and reinvigorate not just the City and County but also the Amazing People of Socorro and the Generations to come.
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    Will You Sell Alcohol in Socorro?
    Although we will eventually build a tasting room at our facility in Socorro, the primary purpose of the distillery will be to produce and distribute our product both nationally and internationally.
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    What About the Environment?
    We plan to be a carbon neutral, environmentally friendly facility that relies on nearly 100% solar energy. The water used in the distilling process will be used to water our pecan trees.
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    Where Will You Source Your Ingredients?
    Everying used in the distilling process will be source either locally in Socorro and the surrounding areas (local farming) or from New Mexico. Our bottling glass and the molasses for our rum will be the only items not sourced locally.
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